Friday, June 29, 2012

The trouble with Politics and Passing Laws

Otto von Bismarck wearing a spiked helmet

It will happen great site During the 19th century Otto vonBismarck became the Prime Minister of Germany at one point during his ministry he stated, there are two things the ordinary person should never see; making sausages and making the laws. This is what this blog is all about; we may include the occasional recipe for making sausages, but this is really about politics and passing laws. Both of these processes are very closely related to governing the peoples of the world. At best they are an evil necessity without which we would be living in a state of complete anarchy. A favorite pastime of the human race seems to be complaining about our leadership; yet very few of the complainers stepped forward to take unto themselves the reins of leadership.

Cholla cactus
Photo by Poco O Poco

It kinda reminds me of the story they tell about Tex riding down trail on his favorite paint horse in the good old days of the Old West. In the process of clattering down the trail on his horse Tex saw a patch of cholla cactuses. Now this particular brand of cactus is probably the worst of all having all kinds of barbs and stickers, and is generally unpleasant no matter how you look at it.

Tex immediately stopped his horse, rolled himself is there a cigarette, and just sat there on top of a horse hypnotized looking at the signed patch of cholla cactus right before his wondering eyes. The longer he looked the better looking that cactus became until finally after he finished smoking he got down off the horse after throwing the butt down on the trail, and proceeded to take off all his clothes. It came to him that the best thing he could do was be to dive headfirst into the cactus patch.

cowboy on a horse in 1888

Just about that time his pal Slim came writing down the trail, and when he saw Tex thrashing around bare naked in the cactus patch. He stopped and rolled himself a cigarette and watched his pal whooping and hollering and carrying on in that patch of cholla cactus. About the pain he finished his cigarette and had thrown the butt down onto the trail Old Tex finally gave up on the cholla cactus and came crawling back up onto the trail all covered with all kinds of stickers, lumps and bruises making quite a sorrowful sight. When he had vainly regained the trail Slim looked at him and said, “Tex what in tarnation ever made you do such a fool stunt as that?

Text replied, "Well Slim it sure seemed like a damn fine idea at the time."

Often the doings in politics and passing laws also seem like a damn fine idea at the time!

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