Thursday, July 12, 2012

What happens when all the money runs out?

A wallet

What happens when your government runs out of money?  Well that’s a good question and one that has already happened in some US cities.  It’s going to take some real Draconian measures to fix, and you can be sure they won’t please you.  A better question might be how did we get into such a fix in the first place?

Since at least since 1932 our government federal, state and local has been dominated by a series of men who have a “D” after their names.  For almost the past three-quarters of a century the Democrats have been looking for Utopia.  Just as you cross the Whitestone Bridge from the Bronx into Queens the first exit is marked Utopia, but you can never get to Utopia.  In their latest incarnation the Democrats are looking for something that is even more unreachable, namely equality.  This really means that everyone will be dragged down to a common denominator.  You’ll be living on a diet of rice and beans!

Here's a bill you don't see very often for $100,000

How did we get into this mess in the first place?  Truth is it was a result of pandering to the voters by both parties, but it was the Democrats that led the pack by buying voters like hogs on the open market. This has been the way American Politics has worked from day one, but in recent years the Democrats spent more money on hogs then we could afford.

The consequences of this are going to be a belt tightening like America has never experienced.  It’s going to be rice and beans for everybody!  Already in Scranton, Pennsylvania they are already calling for a 80% hike in taxes.  That isn’t going to work because the tax payers will vote with their feet and abandon Scranton.

Voting with their feet has already occurred in the United States as according to statistics in the past year more then 8,000 people have already denounced their citizenship and moved offshore beyond the taxman’s reach.  The taxman is going to get all of us, and it’s going to be right in our pocketbooks.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Poverty the Ultimate form of Tyranny


Mahatma Gandhi stated over seventy years ago that poverty was the ultimate form of tyranny.  Government sponsored poverty is the worst form of tyranny and it was used by the British to subjugate the Indian nation for more then two centuries.  Under the Raj the British kept the masses in India under a grinding poverty thereby controlling the whole nation under their grasp.

Today our government is using the same form of tyranny to keep the American people under a similar form of government control.  Since President Barack Obama took office in 2008 the average American income has shrank by an average of 17%.  The average number of unemployed has averaged a nearly steady 8.2% since Obama took office.  This is only measuring those that are collecting unemployment benefits; it does not measure the numbers of unemployed that have lost their benefits if you count those the true number of jobless in America is no doubt closer to 14% if not more.

The Face of Poverty. Do we want this in the United States?

This situation brings up the difference between Democrats and Republicans.  The Democrats believe they should control your lives from cradle to grave with you coming to the government for all your worldly needs.  The Republicans for their part believe you should take care of your needs yourself without government interference.  The Republicans also believe you should be helped in your quest when necessary.

For the most part the Democrats have been in control of both the house and senate since the 1930’s and during that time they have earned the reputation of being the Tax and Spend party.  By keeping the American public under their thumbs they exercising the practice of using poverty as a tool of their tyranny. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why bureaucrats are like diapers

Diapers drying in the sun
Photo by C.K. Klose

Simple – they’re always with you, they’re always on your ass, and they’re usually full of shit!

100 % of Nothing is Nothing!

What would you do with this conundrum; a major city in the United States is virtually run out of cash their treasury only contains $130,000 and they'll creditors over $3 million. In other words the city is broke!

They have reached a point where they have been forced to cut their employees to minimum wages of $7.25 per hour. The municipal employee's union has sued the mayor for taking this step insisting their members continue receiving full salaries.

The city has been under a decline in population for over 50 years and the mayor and city council have been trying desperately to find a way to raise revenue so the city can pay its employees. To date the mayor and city council have been locked in gridlock with neither side being able to come up with a solution to the problem.

It would be in the best interests of the union to join the city in trying to solve this problem rather than suing the mayor over a situation that he didn't create. As usual in a situation like this the union has taken a very shortsighted stand. 100% of nothing is nothing!

This is a situation that is facing many cities in the United States and for that matter around the world. We don't know who is to blame, but from appearances all the parties concerned shares equal blame whether it is the municipality or the unions. With all the finger-pointing that has been going on both sides have lost track of the ability to work for a common goal for the good of each other.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Obama Fiddled while the Country Burned

Barack Obama
Photo by Pete Souza

Admittedly things fell apart during the last two years of George Bush’s term as president so many people blame Bush for what happened completely forgetting that the Democrats held both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  It was during this period when the housing bubble burst on the strength of a law passed by the Democratic majority in both houses.  If anyone were to be blamed it was the Democrats rather then George W. Bush.  You can say it really hit the fan in late October when Bush was a lame duck president with a hostile Congress.

Obama was elected president in November of 2008 and took office in January of 2009 at the time both houses were in the Democrats control, but aside from bailing out the Democrats friends what else did he accomplish is the following two years.  He spent all that time on Obamacare rather then even making any effort to correct the unemployment problems in the country.  He had plenty of time to develop remedies and had control of the Congress; rather he fiddled while the country burned and pushed home Obamacare, a law that most of the country opposed.

Planets and the only thing Obama did: well:

He put the passage of his liberal agenda ahead of the interests of the nation        .

He failed to do anything to strengthen border security of our nation instead by presidential proclamation he granted legitimacy to a large group of illegal aliens.

He has been spending too much money to the detriment of future generations.

The only reason he hasn't spent us further into debt is because the Republicans gained control of the house of Congress in 2010, and cut off the purse strings.

This liberal agenda he is promoting is not in the best interests of the country.

He has espoused cutting off the production of coal and oil without a viable alternative.

Who knows how much money he has wasted in pursuing alternative energy sources?

He has failed to pursue job creation in the private sector that pays the bills.

He has allowed the government employees unions to ride roughshod over the country.

The policies he has adapted have been detrimental to the country's economy.

In foreign policy he has been a complete disaster among other things he has not reigned in Iran's desire to build an atomic bomb.

Obamacare that was recently proclaimed constitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States was looked upon by the Democrats as a major victory. In truth by declaring it to be a tax it has been turned into an albatross that Obama can wear around his neck.

Obama and his administration have failed to protect American values or for that matter it even shown in any respect.

The truth about any election is it hinges on two points; stay the course, or it's time for a change. Take your choice!