Thursday, July 12, 2012

What happens when all the money runs out?

A wallet

What happens when your government runs out of money?  Well that’s a good question and one that has already happened in some US cities.  It’s going to take some real Draconian measures to fix, and you can be sure they won’t please you.  A better question might be how did we get into such a fix in the first place?

Since at least since 1932 our government federal, state and local has been dominated by a series of men who have a “D” after their names.  For almost the past three-quarters of a century the Democrats have been looking for Utopia.  Just as you cross the Whitestone Bridge from the Bronx into Queens the first exit is marked Utopia, but you can never get to Utopia.  In their latest incarnation the Democrats are looking for something that is even more unreachable, namely equality.  This really means that everyone will be dragged down to a common denominator.  You’ll be living on a diet of rice and beans!

Here's a bill you don't see very often for $100,000

How did we get into this mess in the first place?  Truth is it was a result of pandering to the voters by both parties, but it was the Democrats that led the pack by buying voters like hogs on the open market. This has been the way American Politics has worked from day one, but in recent years the Democrats spent more money on hogs then we could afford.

The consequences of this are going to be a belt tightening like America has never experienced.  It’s going to be rice and beans for everybody!  Already in Scranton, Pennsylvania they are already calling for a 80% hike in taxes.  That isn’t going to work because the tax payers will vote with their feet and abandon Scranton.

Voting with their feet has already occurred in the United States as according to statistics in the past year more then 8,000 people have already denounced their citizenship and moved offshore beyond the taxman’s reach.  The taxman is going to get all of us, and it’s going to be right in our pocketbooks.

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