Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Poverty the Ultimate form of Tyranny


Mahatma Gandhi stated over seventy years ago that poverty was the ultimate form of tyranny.  Government sponsored poverty is the worst form of tyranny and it was used by the British to subjugate the Indian nation for more then two centuries.  Under the Raj the British kept the masses in India under a grinding poverty thereby controlling the whole nation under their grasp.

Today our government is using the same form of tyranny to keep the American people under a similar form of government control.  Since President Barack Obama took office in 2008 the average American income has shrank by an average of 17%.  The average number of unemployed has averaged a nearly steady 8.2% since Obama took office.  This is only measuring those that are collecting unemployment benefits; it does not measure the numbers of unemployed that have lost their benefits if you count those the true number of jobless in America is no doubt closer to 14% if not more.

The Face of Poverty. Do we want this in the United States?

This situation brings up the difference between Democrats and Republicans.  The Democrats believe they should control your lives from cradle to grave with you coming to the government for all your worldly needs.  The Republicans for their part believe you should take care of your needs yourself without government interference.  The Republicans also believe you should be helped in your quest when necessary.

For the most part the Democrats have been in control of both the house and senate since the 1930’s and during that time they have earned the reputation of being the Tax and Spend party.  By keeping the American public under their thumbs they exercising the practice of using poverty as a tool of their tyranny. 

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